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About this SDK

The Unico Check iOS SDK enables you to quickly build a great experience in your native iOS applications. A component is provided to allow you to frictionlessly capture images in your application through the use of modern camera opening mechanisms as well as computer vision algorithms.

Apart from abstracting all the complexity related to any device-specific nuances, the SDK also helps to correctly frame the images, optimizing its capture, aiming to increase the accuracy in the response of the biometric engine.


Supported iOS versions and devices

The Unico Check iOS SDK is compatible with all devices with iOS 11 or higher. You can check an extensive device list at this official page from Apple.

Available features

The following features are available in the SDK:

  • Face Capture;
    • Manual image capture;
    • Smart Camera image capture;
    • Image capture with liveness-proven (Smartlive with interaction FaceTec);
  • Document Capture;
Fallback to Smart Camera mode

Older phones may not support some features required by the computer vision technologies used in the Smart Camera feature. In these cases, the Manual Camera mode is triggered as a fallback, allowing the user to manually capture his face image.

How it works

The client-side SDK is responsible for simplifying your integration with Unico Check, abstracting all the complexity related to camera manipulation and image capture.

After a successful capture, the SDK returns an object that must be sent to the REST APIs to complete the biometric validation.

Your title
  1. Users accesses your application;
  2. Through the SDK, your application requests the image capture frame (as configured in your application);
  3. Your application renders the image capture frame of the Unico Check in a pre-configured placeholder;
  4. Your application captures the image (automatically, manually or in Liveness-proven mode), generating a JWT token;

The Encrypted attribute is strictly intended for sending the image through the Unico APIs. You should not open and serialize this attribute, as its characteristics may change without notice. Its use must be exclusive in interactions with the APIs to guarantee the data integrity and security. Unico is not responsible for any damages arising from this practice, since the changes may occur unpredictably.

  1. Your application sends the JWT to your server;
  2. Your server call the REST APIs of Unico Check to validate the images (Documentation of the APIs can be found at this link)
  3. The server returns the biometric validation response, to be forwarded to your application;

Getting help

Are you missing something or still need help? Please, please get in touch with the support team at help center.

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