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The Unico Check is a facial biometric authentication solution for people. The relentless pursuit of zero fraud and a fast and smooth user experience are the main goals. This is all based on a relationship of trust, credibility and accuracy for the companies that seek an effective solution to the problems with identification fraud and an improvement in their user experience.

The product has the largest biometric base in Brazil, identifying approximately 6 million faces every month, comprising more than a half of the economically active population.

The Unico Check identifies and validates the user with high accuracy, both in the first contact with the Authentication Score and in the recurring transactions with the Biometric Token. This protection is powered by SmartLive, which is a high-performance proof-of-life detection feature.

SDK (software development kit) - aims to capture images (selfie and document).

Integration (Onboarding) - aims to receive all the information related to the captured image.

Unico Check Features

The following features can be configured through a service platform according to the strategic needs of your company:

  • Authentication Score (1:N analysis): It is an intelligent method of identifying people in which the probability of authenticity of the individual is evaluated with high efficiency. The selfie and the CPF are compared in the Unico database and in public databases, generating a biometric score. The method is used only on the first registration of the end user;
  • Biometric Token (1:1 analysis): It is the functionality to authenticate the identity of people through facial biometrics within an existing record in the customer database. It is checked whether the user who is performing a given action is the same as the one who passed in the first record. This functionality is used from the second user registration;
  • SmartLive: It is a proof-of-life functionality with end-user interaction. Through a smooth movement of approximation when taking the selfie, it is possible to verify safely and assertively if the person is live at the moment of capturing that selfie;
  • Document typing: It is an artificial intelligence technology that validates whether the photographed document is the same as the one requested;
  • OCRCode (CPF Match): It is an optical character recognition technology that compares the CPF described in the document with the informed CPF;
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition): It is a technology for extracting and automatically converting data from documents (RG, CNH and CRM) into text);
  • Facematch: It is a technology that compares the selfie sent with the photo in the document.

Configured Limits in the Unico Check

  • rate limit - The request limit control is configurable. This setting controls the limit of requests accepted every 2 minutes. If you do not have a rate limit configured, the request limit is 600 requests per minute, the 429 error is sent if the number of requests exceeds the configured limit.
  • The limit of requests per minute is evaluated during the implementation project and the number of requests is defined considering the normal operation plus an additional fee.
  • For customers that are already in production, the number of requests is defined considering the actual operation.
  • The limit of requests per minute is configurable and this configuration is done by Unico. For any configuration changes, ask your CSM.

Any concerns?

Missing something or still need help? If you are already a customer or partner, you can contact us through the Help Center.