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The goal of the SDKs is to Exponentially enhance the security of your business and your users, without harming their experience, allowing you to customize the user experience, applying your brand's visual identity. The SDKs are designed to absorb the complexity related to user device camera manipulation and image capture. In addition to other advantages:

  • Accuracy in capturing images: Features that help the user to obtain biometrically valid photos, reducing the drop of images when compared to the capture performed by the devices' standard cameras. SmartFrames “key elements” that automatically adjust to the user's silhouette and aspect ratio, allowing a better image capture;
  • Enhanced security: Encryption and security features against image injection, as well as features that prevent fraud adapted to different camera modes. Security layers that work in a complementary way, both at the application level and in relation to the data that is trafficked between the SDKs and the backend. Code obfuscation, emulator blocking and bundle checking of the application running it.

The following guides contain basic concepts, API reference, and information for implementing the main functionality of each Client SDK. The guides offer a quick and simple approach, so you can integrate with Unico Check's biometric engine without any friction.

Camera modes available by SDK

ModesSDK AndroidSDK iOSSDK Web
Selfie camera with manual captureSupportedSupportedSupported
Selfie camera with smart captureSupportedSupportedSupported
Selfie camera with FaceTec proof of lifeSupportedSupportedSupported
Rear camera with manual captureSupported
Rear camera with smart captureSupported
Document camera with manual captureSupportedSupportedSupported
  • Check the minimum version of operating systems supported by each SDK version (Android, iOS or Web) in their respective guides;

Given a version numbering "MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH", it is described as follows:

  • Versão Maior(MAJOR): When making incompatible changes to the API;
  • Versão Menor(MINOR): When adding features while maintaining compatibility;
  • Versão de Correção (PATCH): When fixing crashes while maintaining compatibility.

Capturing the images through the SDKs is just the first part of your journey. Therefore, it is extremely important that you understand the basic concepts and operation of the biometric engine APIs.

Any concerns?

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