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The unico OAuth2 authentication system supports the server-to-server interaction between a web application and the unico services. In this scenario, you will need a service account, which is an impersonal account that belongs to your application and not an individual user. Unico APIs are called by your application through the service account, so users are not directly involved. This scenario is called “two-legged OAuth”, or “2LO”. The service account is used by the application when working with its own data through the unico APIs.


Use the unico | sign to send a document that needs signatures from people, the application must use a service account to authenticate to the unico API | sign the application that uses the unico | check to start an installment process. An application that integrates with unico | people to manage job positions.

Therefore, to interact with the APIs of unico products, the applications must be authenticated through their service accounts.

This document describes how an application can complete the OAuth2 server-to-server authentication process over the HTTP protocol.