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Unico IDLive is a solution that verifies proof-of-life information by combining layers of anti-injection protection, thus providing greater security and practicality.

The product is a combination of Unico's SDK + proof of life with interaction (Liveness). Therefore, it cannot be used without the SDK.

After capturing the image and the CPF, Unico IDLive verifies that the image was captured live by a real person. The return has the following information:

  • Live
  • Not Live

The result of the information is provided by Unico IDLive Synchronously.

  • There is no drop in Unico IDLive não tem drop, so when it is not possible to identify a live person, the return is Not Live. In this case, it is recommended that a new attempt is made to capture the image.


To start the integrating with Unico IDLive, see the article Getting started in the Integration tab.

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